Do you want to have a wooden house? We help you choose a manufacturer


From iSeguros Online, we offer information about the main manufacturers of wooden houses nationwide and their location so that you can choose the construction company that best suits your taste and needs. We have also added the option of being able to consult a more extensive list, where you can find the vast majority of manufacturers throughout the entire Spanish territory through an interactive map.

Before making a wooden house, it is important to choose a good manufacturer or architect since the design will completely influence the results of the house, its durability and insulation. In order to avoid unexpected surprises, once you choose the company, we recommend that you contact in advance to find out about all the benefits and conditions that are offered to you.

Next, we present the main companies with the greatest relevance within the sector (offering from simple and inexpensive constructions to complex lightweight frameworks), you have the list of manufacturers with the best online positioning and reliability.


  • Househabitat: Bioclimatic architecture, healthy and highly energy-efficient houses.

Contact: 628 828 270/ 07010 Palma de Mallorca/

  • Fustech: High-quality wooden houses with more than 10 years of experience.

Contact: 972 299 531/ 17242 Girona/

  • Hobycasa: Manufacturers of wooden houses and prefabricated houses with more than 70 years of experience.

Contact: 945 225 380/ 01010 Vitoria/

  • Pineca: Pineca offers an extensive catalog of robust and reliable wooden houses and huts.

Contact: 932 718 100/ 08006 Barcelona/

  • Lallavedelhogar: Manufacturers of high quality lightweight half-timbered houses.

Contacto: 934 908 709/ 08028 Barcelona/

  • Casascarbonell: Selection of prefabricated wooden houses throughout Spain or the option of a modular house.

Contact: 698 548 180/ 46112 Valencia

  • Micasademadera: Linked to the sector of traditional wooden houses, light frameworks, bungalows, and more.

Contact: 625 305 740/ 43440 Tarragona/

  • Grupotene: Specialists in the construction, distribution, and assembly of houses and garden sheds, garages.

Contact: 964 109 886/ 46988 Valencia/

  • Madereco: Company whose objective is to build the most sustainable prefabricated wooden houses on the market.

Contact: 669 358 717/ 39500 Cantabria/

  • Casasenmadera: Builders of lumber cabins, houses, garden houses, storage rooms, porches, and more.

Contact: 679 80 86 28/ 03339 Alicante/

If you prefer, you can take a look at our wooden house manufacturer locator.


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