Our health insurance options

If you plan to be a mother, hire ASSISTANCE WITHOUT COPAYMENT and you will be able to have the best follow-up during pregnancy, get all the necessary tests and keep the umbilical cord stem cells

If you can't stop working to go to the doctor, your health insurance is COPAYMENT ASSISTANCE 5. You can go to the doctor, get any tests and receive the necessary treatment at the times that suit you best.

If you never go to the doctor, your insurance is COPAYMENT ASSISTANCE 20. You will only pay when you use the policy and you will have the best medical services to recover quickly.

Really, you’re absolutely right. For this reason, we offer you a PREMIUM REIMBURSEMENT. You decide. You don’t have to ask permission to go to the best doctors and hospitals anywhere in the world. We will refund all expenses immediately.

With PERSONAL CARE you have at your disposal 67 absolutely free dental services. And the rest of the services, with a guaranteed minimum price with respect to the standard rate of the chosen professional

With MIXED ASSISTANCE WITH COPAYMENT 20 you will have at your disposal a very wide medical staff and you will also be able to request a visit with doctors who are not part of the medical staff. In this case, we guarantee the immediate refund of your receipts.

We put at your disposal the best plastic surgeons to correct those physical problems that concern you, as well as completely free reconstructive surgery services.

The FULL PREMIUM REIMBURSEMENT guarantees that we will cover your medical expenses, whatever they may be, in any country in the world.

With MIXED ASSISTANCE WITH COPAYMENT 5 you can enjoy the peace of mind, get the appropriate preventive check-ups and if you unfortunately contract the disease you can access the most advanced services to minimize the consequences.

With MIXED ASSISTANCE WITHOUT COPAYMENT you will be able to have the necessary preventive follow-up and if you unfortunately develop the disease, you will discover it in a very incipient state and you will be able to access the best and most advanced medical services to overcome it.

If you are a single-parent family, we recommend MIXED ASSISTANCE WITH 5 SINGLE-PARENT COOPERATION. Your fixed expense will be very low and when you need it you will have the best private medicine at your disposal.

With MIXED ASSISTANCE WITH COPAYMENT 20 you can be sure that if you or someone in your family suffers an accident or illness you will have at your disposal the best doctors, hospitals, means of diagnosis and more advanced treatments.

If you have a large family and want or need to pay less for your medical policy, the best option is COOPERATION ASSISTANCE 20 LARGE FAMILY. You will get a reduced price and only pay when you use it

With the subsidy policies we guarantee you the income you need to compensate for the losses of not working. You can get it for the quantity and price that best suits your needs

Why choose our health insurance?

At iSeguros we know that health is the most important thing. That is why we work every day to protect you and to protect yours. What sets us apart from any other insurance company is that our main goal is the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers. We believe in completely personalized treatment based on rigor, professionalism, experience and speed.

At iSeguros we have medical insurance without co-payments or with co-payments, we can offer you medical assistance, mixed assistance, reimbursement policies, personal care and even a hospitalization subsidy.

There are countless coverage and health insurance on the market, although not all of them will be able to offer you the best price and the best coverage. It’s easy to overpay, not be able to access certain treatments, see the price of your insurance go up, or pay for coverage you’ll never need.

For all this, we recommend that before deciding on health insurance, consult with a qualified insurance agent the option that best suits your needs and those of your family. Remember that in iSeguros we have a team specialized in insurance for individuals and companies, which has more than 15 years of experience.

From iSeguros, we can compare, without any commitment, the contract of your current policy, in order to find you the best price, along with the best benefits. You can also use a health insurance comparator to be able to perform a thorough analysis of the different options that can be found in the market.

Medical insurance

At iSeguros you will find the best medical insurance. Haven’t decided yet? Consult our health insurance or contact us.

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    • We are excited about our work
    • We like to interact with clients like you
    • We are motivated to offer you the best product
    • Your peace of mind reassures us
    • We believe in the social function of insurance


    • We strive every day to know all the insurance that we offer you
    • We move to know everything you need to know
    • We train continuously by always being the best specialists


    • We can attend you either personally, in the office, and/or by phone
    • We are at your disposal from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    • We are by your side in difficult times
    • We offer you help and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • We are agile and quick to respond to you
    • We adapt to the times:
      • Attention by WhatsApp
      • Mobile application to answer questions and queries
      • Videoconference service in medical policies


    • More than 15 years dedicated exclusively to the insurance sector
    • We manage one of the largest client portfolios in the company
    • We analyze, without obligation, your current policies to propose improvements
    • We accumulate knowledge to advise you on the choice of specialists and to help you resolve all claims
    • We operate within the framework of a company with more than 150 years of existence


    • We open claims immediately
    • We follow up all claims until the final resolution
    • We notify you if a receipt is returned so that you are not discovered
    • We seek solutions for temporary defaults


    • We want to contribute to building a better world
    • We contribute 1% of our commission from your policy to the NGO that you choose among the five that we propose

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