Premium refund

  • The best policy in the market, according to an IECA’s satisfaction request (statistics services and studies of the Spanish Insurance Area)
  • You will be able to visit any doctor you want whenever you need and wherever you want without any authorization. We’ll pay 85% of all your bills until the accorded limit.
  • In case of hospitalization, we’ll take care of 100% of the bills’ cost until the accorded limit.
  • We’ll double the established limits for hospitalization or surgical intervention if, in any case, it takes place in a foreign country. 
  • If you travel abroad, you‘ll be covered by any medical appointment and the recommended treatment. 
  • We’ll refund your money within the 3 days limit. 
  • Hypothetically, if you were in a public hospital you’ll not be able to use the coverage of your policy, so we’ll pay you a substitutive compensation of around 295 euros per day of hospitalization. 
  • You’ll have a totally free personal care policy and it includes dental services and cosmetic surgery.
  • You can achieve discounts in function of the insured people in your policy.

The main coverage we offer to you is the service offered by our professionals:

  • We’re always by your side. 
  • We won’t kick you out of the company. 
  • If you’re sick, and you need so many times our services relax. We won’t increase your fees’ prices until you feel the need to give up our company.
  • We’ll explain to you all the policy’s advantages. We want you to use it so that you don’t get sick. We don’t want you to use it when you’re already ill. 
  • We’ll guide you to find the best specialist. 
  • We put effort because we want you satisfied with your policy and you don’t feel the necessity of changing it. 

The best medicine without asking permission. You choose delivery!

… from 68,89 €

We extend the hospitalization limits by 8,700€ per year and double the annual amount of outpatient coverage.

… from 68,89 (+ 15,33 € additional)

We double the limits of hospital coverage to cover your needs in any country in the world to offer you the maximum coverage.

… from 68,89 (+ 10,98 € additional)

You can receive 142€ for each day you are in the hospital

… from 68,89 (+ 14,57 € additional)

You will be able to receive 50% more of the daily amount you will receive for days you are hospitalized

… from 68,89 (+ 14,57 + 4,30 € additional)

In addition to the 142€ per day, you will be able to receive economic compensation for the surgery they have to perform. The allocated capital depends on the complexity of the intervention.

… from 68,89 (+ 14,57 + 5,09 € additional)

We double the capital allocated for surgery

… from 68,89 (+ 14,57 + 10,18 € additional)

  • We do not increase the price for accidents
  • We can’t get you out of the company unilaterally
  • You can access the doctor immediately via video consultation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We guide you so you can take advantage of your policy
  • We cover traffic, work and sports accidents