Hospitalization subsidy

  • A great subsidy for being hospitalized with international coverage at a reduced price. With it, you’ll be able to compensate for any extra expense you waste.
  • Enough compensation to pay for surgical intervention in one of our arranged centers.
  • A specialized medical
  • To take care of your dental health in more than 2000 arranged centers (general odontology, emergencies, and oral diagnostics, periodontology, endodontic, orthodontic treatments, oral surgery, implants, and oral aesthetics)
  • We can guarantee that your clinic is not going anywhere so you are not going to be abandoned in the middle of the process and debts everywhere.
  • You’ll be able to solve any doubt through videoconferences with your dietician or psychologist.
  • You can achieve discounts in function of the insured people in your policy.


The main coverage we offer to you is the service offered by our professionals:

  • We’re always by your side.
  • We won’t kick you out from the company.
  • If you’re sick, and you need so many times our services relax. We won’t increase your fees’ prices until you feel the need to give up our company.
  • We’ll explain to you all the policy’s advantages. We want you to use it so that you don’t get sick. We don’t want you to use it when you’re already ill.
  • We’ll guide you to find the best specialist.
  • We put effort because we want you satisfied with your policy, and you don’t feel the necessity of changing it.
Ask for budget
  • We do not raise the price for claims
  • We cannot unilaterally kick you out of the company
  • You can access the doctor immediately through video consultation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We guide you so that you can take advantage of your policy.
  • We cover traffic, work and sports accidents.