Our home insurance

Remember that, at a minimum, you have to insure your belongings and civil liability

Properly secure your home to avoid conflicts with neighbors

Insure all your assets so you don't lose anything!

You should not only insure the home, but also all the annexed buildings that may be in the surroundings, so as not to be surprised when an accident occurs.

For a small premium you can have your home insured and save yourself problems that may arise. Even if the house is empty, we recommend that you have it insured

You have to know that the owner's insurance does not cover you. If you want to be calm, insure all your belongings and the damages that you may cause to third parties. It is your responsibility!

You should insure a first risk continent capital, the content you have of your property in the house and, of course, the civil liability

Water damage can cause serious headaches. Secure them well! And do not forget to insure all the content you have in the house and the civil liability towards the owner

Do not forget that all of you who live in the apartment are responsible for the damage that you can cause to the home and to the neighbors. Don't play with fire and take out insurance that allows you to live in peace!

You have to know that you are the subsidiary civil liable for the claims that may be caused by tourists who are in your home. With us, you will have insured your property and the civil responsibility that corresponds to you

We want you to always have the apartment rented and for that reason we insure your property and the urgent repair of claims

The fact of not living every day in this property can cause claims to have greater consequences, since they are more difficult to detect. For this reason, it is essential to take out good insurance that correctly covers these possible eventualities.

If your home is also your place of work, we assure you both needs in the same policy, so that you can work and live peacefully

With iSeguroscasa you will not have any problem insuring your wooden house

We offer you a comprehensive insurance without excess of crystals. The best option for your caravan!

We offer you a comprehensive insurance without excess of crystals. The best option for your module!

If you have a motorhome, we offer you comprehensive insurance with assistance, so you can travel and know that we will help you whenever necessary

If you have a caravan to travel and camping, we assure you of the full-risk caravan with assistance, so that you can travel and know that we will help you whenever necessary

If you have a home that you rent, look for the formula to ensure income and that you do not leave the house damaged or debts in the insurance companies

Why hire our home insurance?

Coming home should be synonymous with peace of mind and we know that accidents at home cause many concerns. For this reason, we offer you a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that you have the best and fastest response when you really need it.

At iSeguros we work every day to offer you maximum protection and security. What differentiates us from any other insurance company is that our main objective is the satisfaction and tranquility of our clients. We believe in a completely personalized treatment based on rigor, professionalism, experience and speed.

We have home insurance specially designed for houses, flats, chalets, rural houses, houses or apartments for rent, empty houses, second homes and we even have insurance for wooden houses or modules. We can also offer you the best Civil Liability insurance, because we know first-hand that this is an aspect that should always be taken into account when hiring any insurance.

In the market there are countless coverage and home insurance. Among all of them, it is sometimes not easy to combine cheap home insurance with excellent coverage. It is easy to overpay, for the insurance company not to take charge of certain incidents, to see the price of your policy become more expensive or to pay for coverage that you will never need.

Therefore, we recommend that before deciding on any home insurance, you first consult with an agent. Remember that at iSeguros we have a team specialized in insurance for individuals and companies, with more than 15 years of experience. Any of our agents will be able to recommend the best home insurance, in order to find the one that perfectly suits your needs and at the best price.

We can also compare, without any kind of commitment, the contract of your current policy, in order to find you the best price, along with the best benefits. If you prefer, on our website you can find our home insurance comparator so that you yourself can carry out an exhaustive analysis of the different options that can be found in the market.

Home insurance

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    • We believe in the social function of insurance
    • We like to interact with clients like you
    • We are motivated to offer you the best product
    • We work to guarantee you security and peace of mind
    • We are excited about our work


    • We strive every day to know all the insurance we offer
    • We move to know everything you have to know and explain everything you want to know
    • We train continuously to always be the best specialists
    • We are innovative in the search for new solutions to respond to new situations


    • We can attend you either personally, in the office, and/or by phone
    • We are at your disposal from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    • We are by your side in difficult times
    • We offer you help and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • We are agile and quick to respond to you
    • We adapt to the times:
      • Attention by WhatsApp
      • Mobile application to answer questions and queries
      • Videoconference service in medical policies


    • More than 15 years dedicated exclusively to the insurance sector
    • We manage one of the largest client portfolios in the company
    • We analyze, without obligation, your current policies to propose improvements
    • We accumulate knowledge to advise you on the choice of specialists and to help you resolve all claims
    • We operate within the framework of a company with more than 150 years of existence


    • From your request, we deliver the insurance project as soon as possible
    • We open claims immediately
    • We track all claims until final payment
    • We will notify you if they return a receipt so that you are not exposed
    • We seek solutions for temporary defaults


    • We want to contribute to building a better world
    • We contribute 1% of our commission from your policy to the NGO that you choose among the five that we propose

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