To fully enjoy your favorite sport, it is essential that you have a complete sports fishing Insurance. As in any other type of sport, safety is an aspect to consider when we talk about fishing. Many dangers are hidden in the sea, of which sometimes we are not aware, and in addition, which can be completely unpredictable.

There are several risk factors that make essential to take many precautions before going fishing. Therefore, it is important to be well ensured. In addition to the mandatory liability Insurance, there are many additional coverages. It is important to assess them as a whole and hire a fishing policy that really suits your needs and at a competitive price.

Sports fishing Insurance

As additional coverages, it may be important to ensure rods, spearguns… If you keep them inside your boat, putting on the personal effects coverage which can cover the value of everything left locked inside the boat. Depending on the type of fishing you practice, it may be also important to cover crew accidents.

Comparison of Sports fishing Insurances

Given that the most important variables to calculate the insurance’s price of your sports fishing boat are the real price and the age of the boat, in iSeguros we recommend you choose from among all the coverages we offer you, the ones that best meet your needs when it comes to navigate.

You should bear in mind that cheap fishing Insurance, which doesn’t offer you that coverage you really need, will be expensive at the end. If you don’t have the proper advice, it is common to pay for coverage that will never be used. When you resort to a reasonable price and you don’t have a good Insurance agent to back you up, it can also happen that when you need it, the Insurance does not cover what is important.

Remember that we are at your entire disposal, and we can advise you without any commitment. Our team of vessel Insurances experts will help you to create the type of Insurance you need and at the best price. Feel free to contact us!

The most affordable, it covers the mandatory civil liability

… from 39,95 €

Public Liability + Maritime Assistance + Legal Advice

… from 68,66 €

This type of Insurance covers the total loss of your vessel, as well as the tow of the remains and Health Assistance for the crew, in addition it includes Civil Liability + Maritime Assistance + Legal Defense.

… from 146,67 €

This type of Insurance covers any damage caused to your Menorcan, as well as the tow of remains and Health Assistance for the crew, in addition it includes Civil Liability + Maritime Assistance and Legal Defense.

… from 179,94 €

  • Personal effects
  • Fishing Rods and Spearguns
  • Crew accidents