Sailboat insurance


In iSeguros we possess the best Insurance for sailing boats. On our page you will find both basic insurances which cover the mandatory Public Liability, as well as extended or all-risk insurances, even assessing the total loss of the boat.

Consult the different sailing boats Insurance proposals that we can offer you and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information. You can call us at 972 20 00 09 or fill the application form that you will find at the bottom of this page. We’ll be so glad to attend and advice you to find the most suitable option to your needs and at the best price.

Sailing boats insurance

A sailing boat is a type of vessel with some very particular characteristics and singularities. For this reason, it must be completely ensured and valuing each of its main aspects.

In a sailboat, due to its drive and maneuverability, the crew, mast assembly, boom and all the sails must be specially covered, with the coverage of their own damages with partial breakdowns. However, it is advisable to have the coverage both during navigation and on land. Given the difficulty in maneuverability, it is highly recommended to protect yourself from damage to third parties and to amplify the Civil Liability.

In addition, in we offer you for just 1€ additional, the hiring of a coverage to participate in regattas in the area, which is always worth it.

The most affordable, it covers the mandatory civil liability

… from 39,95 €

Public Liability + Maritime Assistance + Legal Advice

… from 67,06 €

This type of Insurance covers the total los of your vessel, as well as the remolition of remains and Health Assistance for the crew, in addition it includes Civil Liability + Maritime Assistance + Legal Defence.

… from 127,78 €

This type of Insurance covers any damage caused to your minorcan, as well as the remolition of remains and Health Assistance for the crew, in addition it includes Civil Liability + Maritime Assistance and Legal Defence.

… from 149,52 €

  • Crew coverage
  • Damage to the mast, boom and sails
  • Damage to third parties

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