Our insurance for boats

If you want to have peace of mind, secure all the belongings that are always in the boat.

We recommend that you insure the boat and the auxiliary engine and all the additional sails that you carry.

Don't forget to secure all the fishing rods that you have inside the boat

Think about the crew of the boat and ensure the accidents that they may suffer

We recommend that you insure the salvage and the cost of towing the boat to the port

Asegura la moto a todo riesgo y sal tranquilo

Si te dedicas a la competición, asegura la embarcación, el aparato y todos los accesorios

Te recomendamos que aumentes el capital de responsabilidad civil obligatorio para ajustarlo a las necesidades reales de cada embarcación

Te aconsejamos que asegures la embarcación durante su transporte y que contrates la responsabilidad civil de pesca submarina

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sport fishing insurance

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You can trust in us...


  • We believe in the social function of insurance
  • We like to interact with clients like you
  • We are motivated to offer you the best product
  • We work to guarantee you security and peace of mind
  • We are excited about our work


  • We strive every day to know all the insurance we offer
  • We move to know everything you have to know and explain everything you want to know
  • We train continuously to always be the best specialists
  • We are innovative in the search for new solutions to respond to new situations


  • We attend you personally, in the office and / or by phone
  • We adapt to the times:
    • Attention by whatsapp, Skype…
    • Mobile application to answer questions and queries
    • Videoconference service in medical policies
    • E-client, an Intranet so that you can consult the status of your policies at all times
  • We are at your disposal from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and at agreed times
  • We defend your interests and we are always by your side
  • We offer you help and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We are agile and quick to give you an answer


  • We have been exclusively dedicated to the insurance sector for more than 15 years
  • We manage one of the largest client and policy portfolios of the company
  • We analyze, without obligation, your current policies to propose improvements
  • We accumulate knowledge to advise you in finding solutions and to resolve all claims
  • We operate within the framework of a company with more than 150 years of existence


  • From your request, we deliver the insurance project as soon as possible
  • We open claims immediately
  • We track all claims until final payment
  • We will notify you if they return a receipt so that you are not exposed
  • We seek solutions for temporary defaults


  • We want to contribute to building a better world
  • We contribute 1% of our commission from your policy to the NGO that you choose among the five that we propose


Ask for a budget

Explain your needs to us, fill in your details and we will immediately start working to offer you the proposal that best suits your demand. Our goal is to guarantee your peace of mind.