If you have reached this page, it is probably because you are considering the purchase of a wooden house. From iSeguros, we want to encourage you to do so, in fact, it has become a trend lately, taking into account all the advantages and characteristics of wooden houses, there is no doubt that they represent an excellent option.

Wooden houses fall in love with their personal, natural, and comfortable aesthetics. In addition to being beautiful, they have the great advantage of being much cheaper than other more conventional types of constructions. Therefore, they are ideal for those who, despite having a tight budget, do not want to give up living in a beautiful environment and in contact with nature.

Before going into the advantages and characteristics of wooden houses, it is important to remember that not all constructions are the same. Today, thanks to the advancement of new technologies and the great demand for ecological houses, there are many types of wooden houses with different construction systems. Whichever option you finally decide on, if you end up living in a wooden house, we are sure that you won’t regret your decision.

Advantages of a wooden house

There is an old Scandinavian saying: “If your doctor can’t help you, move into a wooden house”. Indeed, this type of housing provides many benefits for people, and also for the environment. Here are the most important ones:

  • Natural insulator: Wood is a natural insulator against adverse weather conditions and noise. Therefore, in the face of sudden rises or falls in temperature or humidity, the interior of the house remains pleasant and comfortable all year round. On the other hand, wood absorbs sound, turning each space into a calm and quiet environment.
  • Greater energy efficiency: Lumber acts as a natural insulator that leads to significant energy savings since the consumption of air conditioning or stoves.
  • Greater economic savings: They also provide the great benefit of being much cheaper than conventional constructions. Mainly, this is because of the construction time, you can build a wooden house really quick.
  • Less interest: Did you know that living in a wooden house can make you pay less on your mortgage? Some banks offer loans with a lower interest rate depending on the energy rating of the home. They may sound expensive, but ecological wooden houses represent significant savings.
  • They help improve health: Thanks to the fact that they are built from a natural material, the environment is always fresh and pleasant. If you or a member of your family suffers from a health problem, living in a wooden house can help a lot in the recovery process, mainly because it helps to avoid humidity and electrical waves.
  • Benefits for the environment: In previous points, we have stated that wooden houses are very highly efficient, but they also reduce the environmental impact, since wood is an organic sustainable, and renewable construction material.
  • Great durability: It is often thought that this type of housing doesn’t last long. However, the truth is that they resist well to wear caused by moisture, wind, or sun. All this allows that, with proper maintenance, wooden houses can last forever.
  • Greater fire safety: With the proper protection, they are even safer against fire than other types of buildings. Unlike some materials that are much more flammable and are consumed much faster, wood can be a fire stable material that burns very slowly when flames attack it.
  • Wide variety of brands and models: Given the increase in demand, today there are many companies that offer different types of constructions. Some of them will even offer you the possibility of designing your home in a totally personalized way.

Now that you know some of the advantages and characteristics of wooden houses, are you thinking of buying one?

Where to insure wooden houses?

One of the frequent doubts among people who consider acquiring a wooden house is where can they ensure it since there is a generalized idea that some companies are reluctant to insure this type of house. However, at iSeguros we are fully convinced that wooden houses are the future. Not only because of the multiple benefits they offer to people, but also because of our commitment to a healthy and clean environment. For all these reasons, we have designed home insurance designed for wooden houses.

Are you looking for home insurance for a wooden house?

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Thanks to our home insurance for a wooden house, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your house is protected against any unforeseen event. From iSeguros we will take care of managing any inconvenience that may arise so that you and yours can focus on enjoying your new home.

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