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Whether you already live in a wooden house, or if you are considering the possibility of moving to a more ecological and sustainable house, today’s post will interest you. We share 6 ideas or aspects that must be taken into account to live in a wooden house, a trend that is becoming more and more relevant in the construction field.

The characteristics of wooden houses are the main reason why more and more families are choosing and the reason is clear: Its many advantages more than outweigh its inconveniences.

What treatment do these houses need?

Before you start living in a wooden house, it is important to note that wood requires protection to keep it looking new for longer. There are different products designed to preserve and increase its durability. There’s a wide range of varnishes, wood oils, or protectants that will help you. Also, the type and condition of the wood has to be taken into account.

How to update an old wooden house?

mantenimiento de una casa de madera

Today, thanks to the new technologies, there have been many advances in the construction of wooden houses. However, wooden houses have existed since immemorial times and, if you are in front of an old wooden house, it is likely that you will need to make some changes to adapt it to the new times. Next, we highlight the main facilities that will allow you to improve the functionality of your home.

  • Electrical installation: If you are interested in adapting your home, the electrical installation can be done in two different ways. The first option is to create a system based on solar panels (the most efficient and sustainable option). Another alternative is the classic installation of an electrical network.
  • Installation of air through geothermal energy: It is one of the most used renewable energies today. Geothermal energy uses the natural underground temperature through pipes that take advantage of the energy obtained (at a depth of approximately 10 meters), either to obtain warmth or freshness.
  • Dry toilet: It takes advantage of human depositions to generate a drainage system that avoids bad smells as much as possible, in a completely ecological way, without the need to waste water unnecessarily. The generated waste can be used as fertilizer and it also offers the possibility of being stored in containers to be disposed of later.

How to decorate timber houses?

como decorar una casa de madera

The decoration is a key factor for a wooden house to be pleasant, comfortable, and practical. In this sense, wooden houses are characterized by having a minimalist style, with a great predominance of plant elements and with large windows that let in natural light. It is not very usual to see pictures with images or paintings that can break with the design.

In this line, we can find different styles of decoration, taking care of the details, lighting, colors … Nor can you miss out on rugs or large furniture, if you have enough space. On the other hand, if you wonder how to decorate a small wooden house, you should also know that the possibilities are endless. Almost any style fits in a wooden house, be it Scandinavian, ecological, Japanese, Russian …

What are the risks of having a lumber house?

As we have stated at the beginning of the post, in a wooden house, periodic maintenance is essential to protect the house from humidity, adverse weather conditions, insects and to prevent the risk of fire.

Another problem with wood that has not been treated well is that it can cause a lack of thermal and acoustic isolation (compared to brick). Over time, the infrastructure of your home can be compromised, this may be due to lack of maintenance, earthquakes, or any other reason.

Luckily, there are some products, treatments, checks, and maintenance services that can help you put an end to these problems.

Remember that, through iSeguros Online, you will have full coverage on your wooden houses, we offer you a service completely adapted to the taste and needs of each person. You will be able to insure yourself against accidents or misfortunes and enjoy your home without worries.

Have you checked the insurance of your wooden house? Are you paying the correct price?

“The secret that will make your home always safe and, in addition, you will save 300 €”

Many insurance companies do not consider insuring a wooden home, but the advances in construction methods have reduced the risk surrounding its coverage. Generally speaking, a house-made with wood can be as strong (and durable) as one made with concrete and brick, but most insurance providers classify these houses as non-standard properties (with a very high premium), sometimes without the coverage option.

Having your home insured is essential if you want to protect your property and its content. It helps you avoid problems arising from unexpected events such as floods, theft, or home fires. A good home insurance policy provides affordable solutions and services when they are really needed.

At iSeguros Online, we have extensive experience in the field of properties outside the traditional standard (we also insure houses with sandwich panels). Therefore, we can advise you on the most appropriate policy for your home.

riscos de una casa de fusta

We are convinced that wooden houses are the future. Not only because of the multiple benefits they offer to people, but also because of our commitment to the environment. For all these reasons, we have designed a completely adapted insursnce for wooden houses.

We make it easy for you if you live or plan to live in a wooden house. You will be able to carry out your audit for free with us. We will help you and make sure that you have no doubts and questions left.

Contract your wooden house insurance with us and we will carry about the rest. Start saving while you enjoy a fully protected home!

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